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About Us

Our Philosophy

At CT Derm we understand the effect that your internal health can have on your external appearance. Dr. Carl Thornfeldt is a highly published Dermatologist who has devoted his life to understanding your skin and educating others in its structure and function. Each of our providers has spent countless hours training under Dr. Thornfeldt so that they also can stamp out skin disease.

Our Treatment Strategy

At CT Derm, our approach is to achieve total treatment by understanding what the disease is and reversing the abnormalities that occur in that disease state. Most of the common skin diseases we see have four main issues: inflammation, skin barrier damage, an increase of cell turnover (discarding dead skin cells) and microbes infect it, then are able to colonize and spread the disease. Our strategy is always four-fold to deal with these four main issues and has helped us to treat some very severe cases. Read our stories below to see how our treatment strategy has helped improve the quality of life for our patients.