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It is very common for people to come into our office after going to multiple doctors for pre-cancers. One of the benefits of Epionce is that it has been proven through 5 clinical studies to reduce the number of visible pre-cancerous growths.

A Story of HealingRecently, Colene came into our clinic with numerous pre-cancers and a history of skin cancer twice in the last five years. Before coming to us, she was going in every 6 months and having many pre-cancers frozen. We began by treating the 14 thickest pre-cancer sites and also started her on Epionce Renewal Facial Cream.

Four months later she came in and only had three lesions. She was very pleased with the results, and we continued with the treatment. After eight months she had no visible pre-cancer. Colene was ecstatic as she told us that her teenage grandson had commented on being amazed at how much younger she looked.

We were happy that her skin healing had helped her look younger, but what was most important is that these pre-cancers had resolved. CT Derm's strategy, treatment, and own product line, Epionce, had allowed Colene's normal skin to function the way it should: to protect itself, repair itself, and heal itself. There is no other product in America that has proven to do that than Epionce.

*Names have been changed in order to protect the identity of our clients.

A Story of Hope