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Fungal Infections

Treat Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, and More in Fruitland, Idaho

If you have ever dealt with athlete’s foot, ringworm, or jock itch, you have had a yeast infection or a fungal infection. Fruitland, Idaho’s Dr. Carl Thornfeldt and the CT Derm team routinely work with men and women seeking treatment for these common fungal and yeast-related skin conditions.

Fungal infections often develop dry and flaky skin on the feet and hands. On other parts of the body, fungus infections look like “ringworm.” These infections are often caused by soil or animal fungus. Yeast infections tend to develop on areas of the body where conditions are warm, moist, and often tightly confined. They are easily transmissible, so prevention is important. Change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible, wear foot protection in gym showers or locker rooms, and thoroughly dry off after bathing or showering. Do not use the same towel to dry a rashy area, or you can spread the fungal infection to other areas of your body.

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Contact CT Derm about treatment for fungal infections in Fruitland, Idaho. To set up a consultation, call 208-452-7450 or send a message online.

Over-the-counter treatments are very effective, yet fungal infections are often complicated by having two or more infecting microbes, such as bacteria. This requires an additional medicine. Some fungus infections go deep enough to scar, so these need prescription pills to cure them. The most common infected animals are cats, cows, horses, and dogs. Wearing closed shoes while working in a yard or garden reduces your risk of getting a soil fungal infection. The providers at CT Derm are experienced in making the correct diagnosis and treating fungus infections and complex ones.

What Funguses Impact the Skin?

Fungal infections are named by the location of the infection. All three dermatophyte fungi groups are addressed by the same treatments. Two types of yeast infections are in the same family as fungus infections.

Tinea pedis, better known as athlete’s foot, most frequently develops between the toes, but the fungal infection can spread as an itchy, scaly rash to the whole foot and even distant body sites.

Tinea cruris is better known as jock itch. This fungal infection tends to develop as a red, uncomfortable rash on the inner thigh, often in the shape of a ring with scale at the outer edge.

Tinea corporis is called ringworm, even though it is a fungus. This red, circular rash that develops on the torso, limbs, or buttocks is not a parasite, but rather a fungus infection. This rash can mimic eczema or contact dermatitis.

Fungal infections can invade fingernails and toenails, causing the infected nail to grow thick, misshapen, broken, and brown, yellow, or chalky white. If it is greenish in color and sore or tender, usually a bacterial infection has also invaded, which needs antibiotic therapy. CT Derm providers can make this correct diagnosis and treat it effectively.

Another common skin infection caused by yeast is tinea versicolor. It is most common among teens and young adults. This type of fungal infection causes patches of whitish or slightly pink skin with cigarette paper scale.

The second yeast infection is candidiasis. This yeast causes thrush, facial infections, and, particularly in skin-to-skin contact areas like the groin and under the arms, bright red patches with pimples on the outer edges.

Certain treatments for fungal infections are also effective for these yeast infections.

Treating Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of a single small area can begin at home with readily available over-the-counter clotrimizole creams. If the problem lasts beyond two weeks, Dr. Thornfeldt and his two nurse practitioners can correctly diagnose your fungus or yeast infection—and cure it.

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Ready to start treatment for a fungal infection? Contact Fruitland, Idaho's CT Derm by submitting an online message, or call 208-452-7450.

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Here is What our Patients Think

All of the interaction with the staff, technicians and doctors have been professional and friendly. The staff is efficient, the wait times are minimal, and the care is exceptional. I highly recommend CTDerm.

Wade W. (Patient since 2019)

I have known from a distance that Dr. Thornfeldt and his staff were very good. But in just one visit, I realize that I had underestimated how good they are. Our son and daughter's skin issues, as well as my own, were not noticed by our dermatologist where we live. It was fully worth the trip from Florida.

Robert H. (patient since 2016)

My experience with Dr. Thornfeldt and his staff has been nothing but pleasurable. The staff are friendly and helpful going the extra mile to meet the patients needs. Dr. Thornfeldt is dedicated to the care of his patients, actively listening and responding as he seeks to see the bigger picture.

Dezra. R (patient since 2019)

The staff at CT Derm is very friendly and helpful. I found the visit very comfortable. Dr. Thornfeldt is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and understanding. I am a former patient of his from when he had an office in Nampa, but due to improved skin issues and major life changes, -- a divorce and move, I didn't follow him to his Fruitland office. After over 12 years, and new skin problems, I knew it was time make the drive. I trust him completely and appreciate his experience and expertise.

Ellen S. (patient since 2018)

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