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Wart Removal and Molluscum Contagiosum Treatments

Address Common, Benign Growths Caused by a Virus in Fruitland, Idaho

Warts are a common skin condition manifesting as tumors caused by human papillomapolyomavirus (HPV) that most commonly afflicts teens and people with allergies. Several varieties of this virus induce squamous cell cancer, especially flat warts on sun-exposed areas, so wart removal is necessary. Some of these viruses are contracted from cows or sheep. Before advising any specific wart removal, Fruitland, Idaho’s Dr. Carl Thornfeldt and the CT Derm team will first examine the growth, then recommend effective treatment that removes the wart. Your immune system must be rebalanced to achieve the best long-term cure. Wart removal prevents spread to others, prevents recurrence, and prevents the rare conversion into skin cancer.

Warts are not moles, so they do not develop melanoma if they are dark in color. Wart removal strategy varies depending on the body site. People with allergies, hay fever, eczema, sensitive or thin skin; who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes; or who have had cancer are especially susceptible to these virus infections. Wart removal is needed multiple times in people suffering from the disorders listed above. Warts have a cousin, the viral-induced molluscum contagiosum, whose growths have a smooth surface, not scaly like warts. It is caused by a pox virus. These and warts are both easily transmissible to other areas of the body, as well as to other people.

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Types and Risks of Warts

For a wart to invade, it needs a break in the skin with enough virus at a time when a person’s immunity is reduced, such as by a fungus or bacterial infection or emotional stress. Common warts (verruca vulgaris) are rough bumps that most often develop on the hands fingers, toes, feet, knees, and elbows.

Plantar warts develop on the bottom of the feet and toes, soles, and fingers. They can cause discomfort or pain when walked on or grasping items. If present more than 10 years, they develop cancer in about three percent of cases. These growths need to be removed.

Flat warts tend to develop in groups on the face, arms, and legs and tend to spread rapidly on sun-exposed areas. Wart removal of these is required because they rarely develop skin cancer. Filiform warts tend to rapidly grow into spike-like, finger-like protrusions on the face, especially the lips and eyelids, and genitals. Wart removal should be performed to prevent viral spread.

Carl R. Thornfeldt MD FAAD

Meet Carl R. Thornfeldt MD FAAD

Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt is a practicing dermatologist with 30 years of skin research experience, 19 U.S. patents granted, and over 30 scientific journal publications...

The Royal Society of Medicine
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Wart and Molluscum Treatments

The only long-lasting effective treatments require wart removal and stimulating the deficient immune system. Because the viruses can extend a quarter inch beyond the visible growth, treatment must be more extensive than just the growth. To kill the viral growth, a prescription medication can be applied, as can blistering chemicals like canthacur, freezing (known as cryotherapy), acid, plasters or allergic chemicals, and burning and scraping (known as electrosurgery and curettage). All these wart removal techniques are effective in 60 to 90 percent with one treatment.

A cutting-edge wart removal treatment is to inject antiviral medicine directly into the growth if other treatments fail. A long-duration wart on a thick-skinned area, like on a hand, may just look like a bump. This wart removal technique involves surgical excision.

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Ready to start wart removal? Contact Fruitland, Idaho's CT Derm by submitting an online message, or call 208-452-7450.

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Here is What our Patients Think

All of the interaction with the staff, technicians and doctors have been professional and friendly. The staff is efficient, the wait times are minimal, and the care is exceptional. I highly recommend CTDerm.

Wade W. (Patient since 2019)

I have known from a distance that Dr. Thornfeldt and his staff were very good. But in just one visit, I realize that I had underestimated how good they are. Our son and daughter's skin issues, as well as my own, were not noticed by our dermatologist where we live. It was fully worth the trip from Florida.

Robert H. (patient since 2016)

My experience with Dr. Thornfeldt and his staff has been nothing but pleasurable. The staff are friendly and helpful going the extra mile to meet the patients needs. Dr. Thornfeldt is dedicated to the care of his patients, actively listening and responding as he seeks to see the bigger picture.

Dezra. R (patient since 2019)

The staff at CT Derm is very friendly and helpful. I found the visit very comfortable. Dr. Thornfeldt is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and understanding. I am a former patient of his from when he had an office in Nampa, but due to improved skin issues and major life changes, -- a divorce and move, I didn't follow him to his Fruitland office. After over 12 years, and new skin problems, I knew it was time make the drive. I trust him completely and appreciate his experience and expertise.

Ellen S. (patient since 2018)

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